Mitja String Quartet

The Mitja String Quartet was established in 2008. Its members come from Naples (Giorgiana Strazzullo, violin), Salerno (Sergio Martinoli, violin), Potenza (Carmine Caniani, viola) and Bari (Alessandro Mazzacane, cello), distinguished cities and heirs to the cultural tradition of the “Magna Grecia”. 


The passion for the string quartet repertoire led the Mitja String Quartet to chase with perseverance the sixteen strings dream. The ensemble specialized in Florence (Scuola di Musica di Fiesole), European Quartet Academy, Cremona (W. Stauffer Academy), Paris (ProQuartet Academy) and Weikersheim (Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland) with Andrea Nannoni, Quartetto di Cremona, Hatto Beyerle, Valentin Erben and Gerhard Schulz (Alban Berg Quartet), Milan Skampa (Smetana Quartet), Heime Müller (Artemis Quartet), Artemis Quartet, Casals Quartet, Stefan Fehlandt (Vogler Quartet), Dirk Mommertz (Fauré Quartet ), Johannes Meissl (Artis Quartet), Claus Christian Schuster (Altenberg Trio), Christophe Giovaninetti (Ysaÿe Quartet and Elysée Quartet), Vladimir Mendelssohn, Alain Meunier, Ettore Causa (Aria Quartet), Petru Horvath, Bruno Giuranna, Antonello Farulli (Sinopoli Quartet), Quartetto di Torino and Alberto Maria Ruta (Savinio Quartet).

Work Experience

The quartet has been awarded first prize at the “European Jacopo Napoli Competition” in 2013. In March 2010 “Five Elements for string quartet and electronic devices” was published , dedicated to the Mitja Quartet by the winner of the second edition of Musical Composition Competition “A.Veretti”, composer Cosimo Carovani. The quartet has been guest at several famous music festivals like Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, William Walton Foundation (Ischia), Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano (Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti, Jeux d’Art à la Villa d’Este in Tivoli (Rome), Vivace Assai in Reggio Emilia, Festival di Pentecoste in Tavarnelle (Florence), Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Imola Summer Festival, Teatro Corelli (Ravenna), “Pietre che cantano/Singing stones” in L’Aquila.


The current projects of the Mitja Quartet are Note Sensoriali (premiere in Naples, 2014) and two recordings for Tactus (Malipiero string quartets, Pilati string quartet and piano quintet).


The quartet has been awarded several scholarships by Scuola di Musica di Fiesole (2010), ProQuartet in Paris (2011-2012-2014), Fondazione “A. Ciampi” (2012), Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland (2012-2014).

The Mitja String Quartet is among the performers supported by the “Progetto Trampolino—Springboard Project” (Amici della Scuola di musica di Fiesole), which aims to produce promising young musicians. 

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