Third Pre-launch Concert
An Evening with Umm Kulthum

January 21st 2015 marks the beginning of a very important milestone in the development of the Muscat Chamber Music Series project: on this date the first master class was held.

21st January 2015
Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Oman Auditorium

The musicians of the Maged Sorour Ensemble for Arabic Music spent a couple of hours with members of the Oud Association, answering questions, demonstrating techniques and melodies on their instruments. The reactions of the participants, as well as these of the auditors, which included a group of Omani school children, were inspiring.



That evening, the third pre-launch concert was held in front of a completely full house, with over 600 seats and was deemed to be a big artistic success by the artists as well as the audience. The Maged Sorour Ensemble for Arabic Music, accompanying the young Egyptian rising star Rehab Omar, showcased several beloved songs of Umm Kulthum, as well as other classical instrumental works related to her. This event was under the patronage of the Egyptian Cultural Office, sponsored by the Oman Arab Bank and the Al Bustan Palace Hotel and with the media partnership of Shabiba, Alroya and Al Wisal.





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