Maged Sorour

Dr. Maged Sorour, qanoon player & founder of the Maged Sorour Ensemble for Arabic Music.

Dr. Maged Sorour is an Egyptian Qanoon player, born in 1963. He joined the High Institute of Arabic Music in 1979, and graduated with honours in 1985. In 2006, he earned a master's degree with an excellent grade and obtained his Ph.D. with honours in 2010.

Dr. Sorour joined the Almassiya Ensemble in 1988, and has performed with renowned Arab singers, such as Nagat Al-Saghira, Warda Al-Jazairia, Wadih El Safi, Mohammed Abdu, Zekra, Kadim Al Sahir.

Throughout his career, he has made numerous recordings of works written by renowned Arab composers. These include compositions by Mohammed Abdelwahab, Baligh Hamdi, Mohamed El Mougy, Kamal Al Taweel, Sayed Mekawy, and Helmy Bakr. Furthermore, he has also recorded various soundtracks, written by artists such as Michelle Almasri, Hassan Abou El Seoud, Yasser Abdel Rahman, Ammar El Shaeri amongst others.

As a professional qanoon player, Dr. Sorour has participated in many music festivals all over the Middle East, and has performed as a soloist and within groups for royalty and political leaders. 

In 2008, selecting distinguished musicians from the Middle East, he founded the Maged Sorour Ensemble for Arabic Music. 

A further highlight of Dr. Sorour’s career, is his collaboration with the famed singer Warda Al-Jazairia, whom he conducted and accompanied on the qanoon alongside his ensemble in 2008.

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